About me

Hi! My name is George and I’m a user experience designer and passionate of technology and communication.

For years I’ve wanted to combine my shared passion for these disciplines, but I’ve never been able to fully do it… until I got into UX.

I studied Audiovisual Communication, looking to express myself in some way, artistic or otherwise, but I needed something more. I needed that expression to be able to receive feedback and act accordingly.

That’s why I started working in tourism marketing and thanks to that, I made use of my communication skills to attract new leads, build their loyalty, respond to their behaviour and in short, dedicate myself to “customers”.

With the pandemic came the end of tourism and I had to change the direction of my work. I became a web designer and was able to apply all the knowledge I had gained from my previous experience.

But it wasn’t until I decided to do a bootcamp in UX/UI that I found the way to combine everything I had learned and not only that, but I learned that the important thing was not to create new user needs but to respond to them and solve them.

That’s why I think I’ve finally found my place, where I can not only express myself but I can do it according to what the users ask for and I can solve real problems.

I am confident that I am a person with more than enough capacity to face new challenges in UX and I am really looking forward to meet you.

Hope to meet you soon.